Message from Representative Director

Today, the Japanese traditional cultures have attracted more attentions in this globalized world. This is because of consecutive efforts of people who have took over the traditions and developed them.


Organization of Cultural Inheritance had established to conduct activities to keep, develop and promote Japanese culture, to promote social education and to contribute to the regional revitalization of Kyoto.Not only within Japan, but also in overseas, we would like to held events as to pass the Japanese cultures to the next generations. and also, to increase people who will keep and develop our traditions.


We hope that through our activities inside and outside Japan, each of us will re-recognize the value of Japanese cultures and spread them to the others. Consequently, Japanese traditional cultures will be kept and more developed in the future.

一般社団法人文化継承機構 代表理事 筒井 紘一

Organization of Cultural Inheritance
Representative Director
Tsustui Hiroichi

About Us


To become a bridge between people and Japanese culture

We, Organization of Cultural Inheritance (OCI) aims at to be a bridge between people who has been supporting, creating or preserving Japanese culture and people who are interested in Japanese culture. Our goal is to pass down the culture which our ancestor had made, to the next generations.

Organization of Cultural Inheritance
Organization of Cultural Inheritance

To reach a goal of cultural inheritance

Under the supports from Japanese Agency for Cultural Affair, Governments of Kyoto prefecture and city, and several companies, OCI has been promoting and conducting cultural events.



We have held some exhibitions, classes and lectures which attendees will have opportunities to know and experience Japanese culture and traditions.


Contribution to the society

Through our activities, we want to contribute to the preservation activities of Japanese cultural properties of temples and shrines.


Coordinating opportunities for cultural experiences

We also coordinate some lectures and events for companies who are interested in learning and experiencing Japanese culture and traditions.